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Upcoming Events

Join Casa de San Pedro for a relaxing stay and enjoy special birding events or special dinners to make your stay even more satisfying! Be sure to sign up in advance for special events by calling us toll free at 888-257-2050. The calendar above has a representation of a few of the many events in the area.


Spring Migration Birding (mid-March through mid-May), followed by Summer Residents Birding are some of the best times to visit SE Arizona.  We host many birds that Head North along the San Pedro River flyway, or just come to set up Summer housekeeping throughout the area: along the San Pedro River and adjacent fields.  Plus the nearby canyons along the east face of the Huachuca Mountains (just 7 miles to the West) have a broad assortment of birds.  Then with a short drive to the Chiricahua mountains to the East, and enjoy the Chiricahua National Monument and more great birding!

And the Reverse Migration (Southbound!) is just around the corner starting in late July through mid-October.  This is the season that we call our "2nd Springtime"  (or as our Hummer Season!) as the Summer Monsoon Rains that start in early July (hopefully!) turn our grasslands green with abundant wildflowers by August - the perfect habitat for the Southbound hummers shepherding their chicks to their winter retreats.  Each week highlights different migrating species as they head South for the Winter. This is a favorite time of year for guests from all over the world to flock to SE Arizona for the avian circus!

And please note that the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (Sheri Williamson and Tom Woods) also conduct Hummingbird Banding in the Casa back yard every Friday from 4-6 pm, from April through May, and again from late June through the beginning of October.  So come to learn more about these tiny visitors, hold one in your hand to release it, and have a memorable moment with Nature!   What a great time to be in SE Arizona!

Travel This Year? 
The birds are showing up on schedule and we are encouraged by the number of our repeat guests who are committed to traveling safely.  They are enthusiastic birders to enjoy the avian circus and the calming ambiance of the Casa.  And, we are hoping that you can join us again as the annual birding rituals are here on schedule - and you should be also. 

So Let's All Look Forward To Future Celebrations With Nature!
Now is the time to start planning your much needed escapes!  Give us a call to reserve a future stay.  You can make your reservation with the freedom to move the dates or cancel if it is still not safe to travel.  

When You Can Getaway, Experience GREAT BIRDING in the San Pedro River Valley!
From the Casa one can head in several directions to enjoy fabulous birding.  The Casa itself offers a great place to start with our yard feeders, and a stroll along the San Pedro River.  Then our  Huachuca Mountain Canyons offer many different habitats to explore: Coronado National Monument (and Montezuma Pass), the Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary, Stump Canyon, Carr Canyon (and the drive to the top ridge of the mountain), Ramsey Canyon and Brown Canyon Ranch, and finally the canyons on Fort Huachuca.   Great hiking, plentiful birding habitat await the birds and the bird watchers!

Fortunately the Casa is located in a perfect habitat (riparian) to attract most of the birds you want to see, and with only short trips to nearby related canyon and mountain habitats you can find many different species in the different habitats and elevations (from 4230' elevation at the Casa to over 9000 feet at the mountain peaks).  Our weather is still pleasant with sunshine and temperate nights - just perfect for you to enjoy magnificent bird watching, and relax in the quiet serenity of the Casa.

We can give you directions to all of our local birding hot spots, starting with our own back yard and the adjacent San Pedro River! 

As you tour SE Arizona from our high prairie grasslands, to mountain canyons, and riparian areas, it is probable that you will find well over 180 species in just a few days, without a lot of effort.  Local bird guides can help you find and identify the many types of birds, and guide you to the Winter birding hot-spots.  And as always, the San Pedro River Valley is at the heart of SE Arizona's hottest birding sites.



Hummingbird Banding  and River Walks at the Casa -  late March thru May

Sheri Williamson and Tom Woods from the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory ( are again planning to do early morning River Walks at the Casa on Tuesday and Friday Mornings. (April and May).  Pop in for an early starter of coffee and muffins,then meet them at the Casa back gate for a slow stroll out the back yard and down to the river to spot and learn about the many early morning birds.  Return after the approx 3-hour walk for a full breakfast!  See the calendar above for dates.  Sign up for the River Walks at - Casa guests get a discount!

Tom and Sheri are also conducting Hummingbird Banding at the Casa on most Friday afternoons during most of the Spring and Summer months and into September and October. (Exact dates and times are on their web site: And, see our calendar, above, for the dates.

The Hummingbird Banding happens in our back yard on (most, but check the calendar carefully!) Friday afternoons from 4-6pm. Join Tom and Sheri for a great hummingbird experience.

These hummingbird banding sessions at Casa de San Pedro are free to our resident guests.

For non-resident participants you must pre-register with SABO at their website and attendance is limited.

There is a small charge for participants not staying at the Casa.

Kathe Anderson Birding Seminars:


Sept 15 - 16, 2023: What’s in a Bird’s Name?/Migration To and Fro

This is a full weekend program focusing on birds morning and evening, with afternoons free to relax at la Casa or explore the many natural and cultural resources of the area. 

On the first evening, we’ll answer the question What’s in a name? At least, what’s in some bird names – with a random selection of well-named, poorly-named and people-named species, with some nicknames and historical names. On Saturday, we’ll look at bird migration generally, with some emphasis on the fall phenomena, which can be quite different from spring migration.

 Choose one or both classes, each $30. Field trips included.

Click Here for Itinerary PDF  **(Please Note:  The dates on the PDF are incorrerct.  The dates changed to Sept 15 - 16 2023 after we posted the original itinerary!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For more detailed information about history tours, special events, stage/arts events, and festivals please click the following links for:
Events in Bisbee, AZ

Events in Sierra Vista, AZ

Huachuca Art Association: Art in the Park - First Weekend in October annually; plus First Sunday Artist Receptions in the SV Mall Gallery monthly 3 - 5 p.m.; and Artist Potluck on the Second Saturday at the Astro Gallery in Hereford (4-6 p.m.)


The Nature Conservancy Nature Walks

Nature Walks Visitors from all over the world come to see the more than 170 species of birds found in the preserve and surrounding national forest. Southwestern specialties such as painted redstarts and magnificent hummingbirds share the canyon with many other animals, including black bears, Chiricahua leopard frogs and dozens of species of butterflies. The canyon is also home to more than 400 species of plants, from tiny mosses to towering firs.

Guided walks are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 a.m. from March 1 to the end of October.

The reserve is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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