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Casa de San Pedro

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Bed & Breakfast in Hereford, Arizona

An enchanting oasis surrounded by the beauty of Southern Arizona
Enjoy fine cuisine, comfortable accommodations and breathtaking scenery... Casa de San Pedro - A Naturalists Haven in SE Arizona.

The Most Romantic Inn in Arizona

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast is a nationally-acclaimed Arizona inn 90 miles from Tucson, near Ramsey Canyon, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista. The Inn is on 10 acres adjacent to the San Pedro River and Riparian National Conservation Area.

Spring bird watching (and hiking!) in SE Arizona is terrific!  Our location on the San Pedro River, and in the nearby mountain canyons, are home to many resident birds, and is perfect for the birds migrating through the area from now until mid-May.  The San Pedro River is a perfect corridor for birds to follow on their migration north-bound, offering water, shelter, food.  The River becomes a super highway (well, flyway) for the birds as they follow it's green stripe of trees.

We join you in our heightened concern for the health and safety of our guests and our staff.  We have redoubled all of our efforts to provide a clean and comfortable getaway.  Daily routines now include repeated disinfecting sanitary cleaning of common "touch" surfaces (door knobs, light switches, counter tops, etc etc).  We continue to use commercial sanitizing agents which are much more concentrated and powerful than household products to clean guest rooms, public areas, laundry areas and food preparation and food service items.  We are also monitoring the health of our staff, and will require anyone with any cold or flu symptoms to remain at home (none so far!), and we do ask all of our resident guests about their health status, prior travels, or possible exposures to the virus.  At this point we are still open, but as the situation changes throughout the Nation, it is likely that business closures may affect SE Arizona as well. 

We do understand that guests who made reservations to stay with us before the virus outbreak became manifest may need to change their travel plans due to travel restrictions, concerns for their own health during travel, and the need to care for others at home.  We are working with our guests to move advance payments to future stays once it is safer to travel again.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us to manage your reservation and alternatives for future travel.  We are here for you and we want you to Be Well.

Gardens outside of the building

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast
8933 S. Yell Lane
Hereford, AZ 85615, USA
(520) 366-1300, Toll Free: (888) 257-2050

A Naturalist Haven!

Here you can view 355 species of birds and hundreds of butterflies. Experts agree Casa de San Pedro is one of the most romantic Arizona getaways and the most upscale Southern Arizona Bed and Breakfast. Naturalists, bird watchers, history buffs and environmentalists herald the inn as a world-class accommodation with a heart. One seasoned travel writer exclaimed that the Casa is "90 miles from Tucson, but only inches from Heaven."

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