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Casa de San Pedro

Guest Rooms



Dining table


A brightly colored bird


Exterior of the bed and breakfast

Bed & Breakfast in Hereford, Arizona

An enchanting oasis surrounded by the beauty of Southern Arizona
Enjoy fine cuisine, comfortable accommodations and breathtaking scenery... Casa de San Pedro - A Naturalists Haven in SE Arizona.

The Most Romantic Inn in Arizona

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast is a nationally-acclaimed Arizona inn 90 miles from Tucson, near Ramsey Canyon, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista. The Inn is on 10 acres adjacent to the San Pedro River and Riparian National Conservation Area.

The Southbound (Reverse) Migration is in full force - This affords many opportunities to view the changeover in species with the trransit of many species of warblers, tanagers, Hummingbirds!,  hawks and owls (bats too!).    And at the Casa we feature  our home made pies each afternoon.  Join us for an  getaway with temperate early Fall weather, sunny hikes, and fabulous birding! (Remember that we are 20 derees cooler than Phoenix, and 10 degrees cooler than Tucson - so it is possible to come to SE Arizona and Survive!)

September and October are great months to join us for optimal birding!  During these two months all of those birds that headed North for the Summer to build nests, raise chicks, are now wending their way Southbound toward their Winter retreats.  The San Pedro River is flush with green grasses and lush habitat to host the traverse of these birds and their chicks. What a great time to come to SE Arizona for optimal birding and optimal weather!  This is the best time for YOU to come to visit as well!
Gardens outside of the building

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast
8933 S. Yell Lane
Hereford, AZ 85615, USA
(520) 366-1300, Toll Free: (888) 257-2050

A Naturalist Haven!

Here you can view 355 species of birds and hundreds of butterflies. Experts agree Casa de San Pedro is one of the most romantic Arizona getaways and the most upscale Southern Arizona Bed and Breakfast. Naturalists, bird watchers, history buffs and environmentalists herald the inn as a world-class accommodation with a heart. One seasoned travel writer exclaimed that the Casa is "90 miles from Tucson, but only inches from Heaven."

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