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Casa de San Pedro

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Bed & Breakfast in Hereford, Arizona

An enchanting oasis surrounded by the beauty of Southern Arizona
Enjoy fine cuisine, comfortable accommodations and breathtaking scenery... Casa de San Pedro - A Naturalists Haven in SE Arizona. 

YES! We are OPEN and ready for your visit!  We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure you, your friends and family are safe during your visit.  We are ready to welcome you back so you can again enjoy the beauty, tranquillity and Nature! along the San Pedro River.

The Most Romantic Inn in Arizona

Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast is a nationally-acclaimed Arizona inn 90 miles from Tucson, near Ramsey Canyon, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista. The Inn is on 10 acres adjacent to the San Pedro River and Riparian National Conservation Area.  One guest exclaimed: "90 miles from Tucson, but only inches from Heaven!"

WINTER BIRDING IN  SE AZ  -  Winter is one of our prime birding seasons in SE Arizona.  While our Summer residents have headed South for the Winter, a large number of species come to SE Arizona to spend the winter.  From Patagonina to the West of us, through the San Pedro River Valley and adjacent Huachuca Mountain canyons, and through the Sulphur Springs Valley to the East of Bisbee, there are many opportunities to see approximately 200 over-wintering species of birds.  Whitewater Draw has thousands of Sandhill Cranes and many water foul in for the Winter.  The aerial dance of the cranes is an event not to be missed during your visit.  Wave after wave of cranes dance in the sky on their way back to Whitewater Draw daily, returning to the AZ Game and Fish preserve after feasting on corn fields in the valley.

Our weather is cool but sunny during the Winter Months.  Overnight temperatures can go below freezing, but sunny daytime temperatures are frequently in the 60's, and you will feel warm even without bulky jackets.

So, Winter bird watching (and hiking!) in SE Arizona is terrific!  Our location on the San Pedro River, and in the nearby mountain canyons, are home to many resident birds, and many birds that head South for the Winter.  The San Pedro River offers shelter, water, and food for the flocks of birds who spend their Winters with us.   What a great opportunity to get really close to Nature!

Join us for adventures in birding on the River, in the nearby mountain canyons and on hikes through lush grasslands.  

Now that the trees have lost their abundant canopy, the birds stand out on the bare winter branches for all to enjoy. So bring your binoculars and cameras!

One of our best birding locations is an Arizona Game and Fish preserve: Whitewater Draw.  This wetland hosts upwards of 25,000 Sandhill Cranes and numerous waterfowl (Ducks, Teal, Snow Geese, etc etc).arriving by late October.  Guests thrill at the many flights of birds as they go out to corn fields to graze and then return to Whitewater draw mid day and late afternoon.  What a chorus of Cranes to savor! 

The San Pedro River is also a great hub for birding throughout the year.  Summer is our season of our most colorful birds from hummers, to buntings, and even trogons.   Hawks  dot out skies and soar over the grasslands.  Our perfect Riparian and Grasslands  habitat affords a bountiful habitat.   And the nearby grasslands and mountain canyons add to the diversity of habitat and birding opportunities. Short day trips in several different directions give our guests unparalleled opportunities to collect as many as 200 different species of hawks, doves, wrens, sparrows, nuthatches, sparrows (etc. etc.) and waterfowl during their stays.  We also have a list of local bird guides who can get you to the birds you want to see. So much fun!

Bring your Best Friend for a romantic Valentines Day Dinner at the Casa.  Call us to make your reservation!

Do not hesitate to reach out to us to manage your reservation and alternatives for future travel.  We are here for you and we want you to Be Well.

We also want to take this opportunity to Thank You  for your ongoing support.  Call us at (888) 257-2050 to book your reservation or to purchase a Gift Certificate to reward yourself or a friend/family for a great getaway.

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Casa de San Pedro Bed and Breakfast
8933 S. Yell Lane
Hereford, AZ 85615, USA
(520) 366-1300, Toll Free: (888) 257-2050

A Naturalist Haven!

Here you can view 355 species of birds and hundreds of butterflies. Experts agree Casa de San Pedro is one of the most romantic Arizona getaways and the most upscale Southern Arizona Bed and Breakfast. Naturalists, bird watchers, history buffs and environmentalists herald the inn as a world-class accommodation with a heart. One seasoned travel writer exclaimed that the Casa is "90 miles from Tucson, but only inches from Heaven."

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