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Special Events

Events at the Casa and In the Area (and to Costa Rica!)

Join Casa de San Pedro for a relaxing stay and enjoy special birding events or special dinners to make your stay even more satisfying! Be sure to sign up in advance for special events by calling us toll free at 888 257-2050. The calendar below has a representation of a few of the many events in the area.

Hummingbird Banding at the Casa with SABO

July through October Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood from the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory will be banding hummingbirds every week at the Casa through October.  Please check the website for specific dates (generally every Friday afternoon 4-6 pm but do check the website for specific dates as the day of the week changes sometimes.).

Birds and Wines Tour: November 7, 8, 9 and 10

Join Peg Abbott of Naturalist Journeys for a Birds and Vineyards Tour of Southeast Arizona November 7 - 10,  2914, Bob Behrstock will guide yoru tour of some of the best birding locations and vineyards throughout the Sulphur Springs Valley. The Itinerary:

  • Friday, November 7: Arrive at your leisure and settle in at Casa de San Pedro. Enjoy local birding and indulge in hors d’oevres and wine followed by a BBQ dinner hosted by Karl and Patrick at the Casa..
  • Saturday, November 8: After a great breakfast head out for the day to spot raptors int he Sulphur Springs Valley. Explore the Wilcox Playa. Discover the region’s kaleidoscope of wines at Flying Leap Winery. Lunch at the Winery, Complete your day of birding adventures with an authentic Mexican dinner by Elvia at the Casa.
  • Sunday, November 9 :Enjoy another of the Casa's great breakfasts to start your day off right. Then depart for the day to explore the vibrant Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area. Enjoy Bald Eagles and hard to find Short, Long eared and Great Horned Owl. Conclude with a wine pairing dinner with Chef Rod Kass of Bisbee’s Cafe Roka.
  • Monday, November 10: Admire the Huachuca Mountains’ prime raptor grounds with Northern Goshawk and others at Fort Huachuca. The tour concludes with a picnic lunch to tide you on your way home.

Please note the Sunday evening the capstone event for this tour will be a fabulous 9-Course Wine Pairing Dinner, hosted by Rod and Sally Kass (Cafe Roka, Bisbee). Rod and Sally will present several SE Arizona wines, paired with some of their own creations for a multiple course dinner that will amaze you. This is one of the most popular events at Casa de San Pedro, so book early!

The tour includes 3 nights lodging at the Casa, Welcome reception and Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday, Sunday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Monday. Also included is local transportation to the birding and winery sites, a professional bird guide, and of course the specacular Cafe Roka wine pairing dinner at the Casa on Sunday evening. And each participant will receive a voucher for $30 to spend on either a wine tasting or the purchase of any wines at the tasting room. Cost per person is $895.00 (double occupancy) or $1140 for a single. Book your tour online on the website - just look for the Wine and Birds tour at the top of the Fall tours list.

Here's a link to Peg's PDF description of the event.


Ducks/Not Ducks Seminar with Kathe Anderson: November 21 & 22

Ducks/Not Ducks: This workshop is geared for beginning and intermediate birders to help distinguish among the many “floaties” that populate ponds, lakes and rivers throughout Southern Arizona in the winter. What makes a duck a duck, beyond that it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck? What about grebes, cormorants and gallinules? Why aren’t they ducks? We’ll discuss the obvious and not-so-obvious visible differences, as well as differences in behavior and diet.
Morning walk: We’ll carpool to Whitewater Draw, about an hour away where we should see many of the waterfowl we discussed the night before, plus sandhill cranes and a variety of songbirds and possibly owls. We’ll finish the program at a restaurant in Bisbee for lunch, go over what we’ve seen and answer questions.  

Early bird bonus, Fri, Nov 21: watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 4:30-5:15pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.

Leave the program with a short handout about Ducks/Not Ducks and a new appreciation for commonly overlooked waterfowl.

Seminar $25 per person, two night minimum stay at the Casa required.

Holiday Dinners:

  • Our Fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner is SOLD OUT.
  • Our Christmas Dinner (Dec 25) will feature our fabulous seafood appetizer bar, followed by a Roast Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings.  ($405 per person, minimum 2 night stay required) Call early for reservations  888 257-2050
  • New Year's Eve Dinner - Celebrate the New Year at Casa de San Pedro -Relax at the Casa and enjoy a fabulous dinner and avoid having to drive! ($45 per person, minimum 2 night stay required).
  • Valentines Day Romantic Dinner:  Join Casa de San Pedro for a relaxing and romantic weekedn - featuring a gourmet Valentines Dinner with your sweetie!  Saturday, February 14.

Holiday Bird Tours

We will once again feature our Holiday Bird Tours of  SE Arizona with the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory, Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood.  The Tours will begin on December 26 and will rotate daily between the best birding locations in SE Arizona: Day 1 in Patagonia and Sonoita (San Rafael Valley), Day 2 in the San Pedro River Valley and Huachuca Mountain Canyons, and Day 3 in the Sulphur Springs Valley and Whitewater Draw.  The tours will run December 26, 27, 28 and repeat December 29, 30 and 31.  Transportation and Lunches included.  Lodging at Casa de San Pedro required. Optional dinner on New Years eve at the Casa may be added.

$150 per day per person.  Minimum two night stay at the Casa is required. B, L included.  Dinners on your own.

Birding 101/102 Seminar with Kathe Anderson

January 16, 17, 18,  2015: Birding 101 and 102: This back-to-back program is a great introduction to jumpstart your new birding hobby, or brush up on birding interests that may have been interrupted by your career or family responsibilities.  $25 per person per day for the seminar.

  • Friday evening January 16 -, Birding 101 concentrates on the visual perception of birds, beginning with basic bird body parts. We’ll also discuss binoculars, what to consider when shopping, and how to use them—including finding the birds in the view and how to focus. Field guides, apps and websites can be important tools for bird identification. We’ll consider their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we’ll talk about what makes a successful birding outing.
    • Early bird bonus, first evening: watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 4:30-5:15pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.
  • Saturday, January 17, Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours, concentrating on birds right at Casa de San Pedro and polishing binocular and visual identification skills. Wrap up back at the Casa to review the list of birds we’ve seen and answer questions.
  • Saturday January 17, Evening:  Birding 102 expands bird identification with a more holistic approach by including calls, songs and behaviors, as well as diet—and how birds’ bills are specialized for their diets. This interactive program helps imbed new concepts with a low-key and fun hands-on activity, Qs & As, and time to share personal observations about bird behavior.
  • Sunday, January 18 - Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours, exploring the San Pedro River near the Casa, with continuing emphasis visual identification, but with attention to other aspects, as discussed in class. Wrap up back at the Casa to review the list of birds we’ve seen and answer questions.

Leave the program with handouts that help you remember what we’ve covered, resources for additional information, some insight into often overlooked aspects of birding identification, and new bird stories.

    • Cost for he program: $25 per person, per day, minimum 2 night stay at the Casa required.

Join Patrick and Karl in Costa Rica!

Join your hosts Karl and Patrick in Costa Rica: January 23 thru 30.  Once again we are venturing to another of the world's birding hotspots on a tour designed by Peg Abbott of Naturalis Journeys.  The tour will take us to some of the best birding locations in Costa Rica.  Details at the Naturalist Journeys website where you can register for the tour.  A west coast extension is also available if you wish to stay longer!

Birding 103 Seminar with Kathe Anderson

February 27-28, 2015: Birding 103: Whether you have taken Birding 101 and 102, or just want to learn more about bird identification generally, this workshop should expand your knowledge in understanding two additional elements:

  • First, we’ll discuss the basic taxonomy of birds—which has changed some in last decade! We’ll review some biology classification basics, then move onto common bird families found in Arizona and their characteristics.
  • Second, we’ll concentrate on the seven basic different habitats in Arizona, and what they offer for bird species diversity. Arizona is the third birdiest state after Texas and California—find out why!
    • Early bird bonus, Fri, Feb 27: watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 5-5:45pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.

Saturday, February 28: Morning walk: Approximately 4 hours, we’ll carpool to at least 3 different habitats to see what shows up in each spot, and compare what we see. Wrap up back at the Casa to review the list of birds we’ve seen and answer questions.

Leave the program with a handout that provides an overview for bird classification and identifies AZ’s seven basic habitats, and some tips for identifying similar species by the habitat in which they are found.

  • Cost of each  program: $25 per person, minimum 2 night stay at the Casa required.

Temporary Custody of a Rainbow Course - with Kathe Anderson

  • July 11-12,, 2015: In a program specifically developed for Casa de San Pedro, we’ll explore the backstory of the colorful array of neotropic migrants that find their way to the San Pedro River for all or part of the summer. Concentrating on the lovely songbirds, we’ll learn where they spend the winter, why they leave and what sustains them at the San Pedro, including some threats to their survival. Learn about the diet, nesting sites and more, of yellow warblers, summer tanagers, black-headed grosbeaks, lazuli buntings and Casa’s mascots, dazzling vermilion flycatchers, among other species.
  • Early bird bonus, Sat, July 11 : watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 6:15-7pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.
  • Sunday, July 12 -Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours--we’ll check out the feeders first, then head to the shady San Pedro river bottom, with the hope of observing the species we’ve discussed, and marvel at their remarkable life stories.
  • Cost of the Program : $25 Per Person. Minimum 2 Night stay at Casa de San Pedro required (Friday + Saturday or Saturday + Sunday nights).
  • Leave the program with a handout that provides notes from the evening program, and an appreciation for the treasures the San Pedro River provides.

Bird Migration Course 

  • Sept 12-13, 2015: Migration Course by Kathe Anderson:
  • Migration is a perilous journey. Yet, instinctively, billions of birds undertake the remarkable round-trip journeys every year to breed and raise their families. What compels birds to migrate? How do they find their way (especially at night when many songbirds migrate)? What are the hazards? Birders know the rush of Spring migration well, but sometimes overlook the more leisurely and prolonged possibilities of Fall migration, when we can see lingering summer species, as well as those on the move. This program is timed for both!
  • Early bird bonus, Sat, Sept 12 : watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 5:15-6pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by
  • Sunday Sept 13 Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours on a site to be chosen--perhaps San Pedro House and the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, with the hope of observing a variety of species—year-round residents, summer residents and migrants.
  • Cost: $25 per person. Minimum 2 night stay at Casa de San Pedro required (either Friday + Saturday or Saturday + Sunday nights).
  • Leave the program with a handout that provides notes from the evening program, and an appreciation for the miracles of migration.

Nature Journaling with Kathe Anderson

  • Oct 17-18, 2015:  There are many reasons to keep a journal about your nature and birding experiences, not the least of which is to make you a better birder! Test your talents—at any level—during this beginner class to write about and draw birds, indoors and out.
  • Saturday October 17: Early bird bonus, watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 4:45-5:30pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by. Then after dinner: In a short evening class (about 40 minutes), we’ll discuss the reasons to keep a journal, what a journal might look like, and do a couple of quick exercises for both writing and drawing.
  • Sunday October 18: Morning activities:
    • • We’ll concentrate on the feeders at the Casa, for about an hour to 90 minutes, to build on the evening’s class, with lengthier exercises, to become comfortable with a variety of ways to express yourself and record your birding adventures. Sharing work is encouraged throughout the class—there are no wrong answers!
    • • No trip to Casa is complete without a stroll by the San Pedro River, so those who would like about an hour’s outing are welcome to join Kathe, with or without journaling supplies, to see what might show up on a short bird walk.
    • Cost: $25 per person for the Course. Minimum 2 night stay at Casa de San Pedro required (either Friday + Saturday nights or Saturday + Sunday nights.

Area Events: For more detialed information about history tours, special events, stage/arts events, and festivals please click the following links for:

And, The Nature Conservancy in Ramsey Canyon offers nature walks:

Nature Walks Visitors from all over the world come to see the more than 170 species of birds found in the preserve and surrounding national forest. Southwestern specialties such as painted redstarts and magnificent hummingbirds share the canyon with many other animals, including black bears, Chiricahua leopard frogs and dozens of species of butterflies. The canyon is also home to more than 400 species of plants, from tiny mosses to towering firs.

Guided walks are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 a.m. from March 1 to the end of October.

The reserve is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.