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Upcoming Events at Casa de San Pedro and in Southern Arizona

Join Casa de San Pedro for a relaxing stay and enjoy special birding events or special dinners to make your stay even more satisfying! Be sure to sign up in advance for special events by calling us toll free at 888-257-2050. The calendar below has a representation of a few of the many events in the area.


The Southwest Wings Birding Festival hosts two birding events annually. The August Festival is the major event of their year, featuring birding tours to all of SE Arizona's birding hot  spots, plus field trips for butterflies, dragonflies, etc. etc.  The dates for the 2016 festival are August 3 - 6.  For more information please go to the Southwest Wings website where you can register for tours, dinners, speaker events and more!  The festival is headquartered a the Cochise College campus in Sierra Vista, but you can stay at Casa de San Pedro during, and before and after the festival.  Come Join Us.


Sheri Williamson and Tom Woods from the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory ( are again planning to do Hummingbird Banding during most of the summer months and into September and October.  (Exact dates and times are on their web site:  And, see our calendar, above, for the dates.

The Hummingbird Banding happens in our back yard on (most, but check the calendar carefully!) Friday afternoons.  Join Tom and Sheri for a great hummingbird experience.

These banding sessions at Casa de San Pedro are free to our resident guests.

  •   For non-resident participants you must pre-register with SABO at their website and attendance is limited.
  •   There is a small charge for participants not staying at the Casa.

Kathe Anderson: Summer Specialties (The Colorful Birds!) back to top

June 3-5: 2 nights.
 Summer specialty species. In a program specifically developed for Casa de San Pedro, we’ll explore the backstory of several common and rare birds Southeast Arizona. On the first evening, in Temporary Custody of a Rainbow, we’ll talk about the colorful array of neotropic migrants that find their way to the San Pedro River for all or part of the summer. Concentrating on the lovely songbirds, we’ll learn where they spend the winter, why they leave and what sustains them at the San Pedro, including some threats to their survival. Learn about the diet, nesting sites and more, of yellow warblers, summer tanagers, black-headed grosbeaks, lazuli buntings and Casa’s mascots, dazzling vermilion flycatchers, among other species. On the second evening, in SE Specialty Species, we’ll take a closer look at species that are unique (or almost unique!) to Southern Arizona’s Sky Islands. We’ll talk about the elegant trogon, Arizona woodpecker, dusky-capped and sulfur-bellied flycatchers, rufous-winged and Botteri’s sparrows, among others. Some of these species are difficult to identify and difficult to find. Get tips to do both! Choose one or both classes below, each $30. Field trips included.

Friday, June 3:

  • 5:30-6pmEarly Bird Bonus! Feeder watch (meet in the dining room).
  • 6-7pm – dinner on your own, or bring dinner and eat with Kathe and other participants in the dining room.
  • 7pm – Temporary Custody of a Rainbow. This is an interactive class where each participant is given information to share about one or more of the featured birds, with an opportunity for personal observations and questions.

Saturday, June 4:

  • 6-7:30am - Early Bird Bonus! A slow wander around la Casa to see which of the featured birds show up at the feeders and immediate environs.
  • Right after breakfast (and we won’t rush the delicious meal!): Approximately 2 hour field trip, concentrating on birds in the San Pedro River corridor near la Casa, to see how many more featured species we can find, as well as other residents and colorful migrants.
  • 7pm – SE Specialty Species. This is an interactive class designed to engage participants in learning about the more unusual species of the area, including how to find and identify them.

Sunday, June 5:

  • 6:30-7:30am - Early Bird Bonus! A slow wander in the area around la Casa to look for whatever shows up.
  • Right after breakfast (and we won’t rush the delicious meal!): Approximately 4 hour field trip to nearby Ramsey Canyon ($3 for Nature Conservancy members, $6 for others) and Ash Canyon ($5). These visits will allow us to explore entirely different habitats—lush Ramsey canyon with towering trees, as well as more of a transition zone at the foot of Ash Canyon. We hope to view some of the species featured in the evening program. Wrap up the program at Ash Canyon, to add to the bird list and answer questions.

Leave the program with handouts that provide notes from the evening programs, and an appreciation for the treasures the unique San Pedro River and SE AZ habitats provide.


Photo Workshop back to top

 AllenWildlife Special Event at Casa de San Pedro:

Southwest Arizona Field Workshop 
Hummingbird and Other Bird Photography 
October 5-8, 2016

Enjoy one of the country's hottest birding areas while the birds are still migrating, but after the crowds have left, in order to get good, quiet views of the amazing hummingbirds and other birds.

Stay at the beautiful Casa de San Pedro, which was built as a destination lodge for birders. At the B&B, you will enjoy a hearty breakfast and several other meals, afternoon pie, and classroom instruction. Some of the evening photography will take place on the B&B's 10 acres with its many bird and hummingbird feeders, or on the adjacent San Pedro River and Riparian National Conservation Area. You will have ample opportunity for individual instruction.

A morning session highlight will be Ash Canyon Bed & Breakfast, a birding spot known as the best place in the area to photograph the Lucifer Hummingbird (third photo from the bottom, at right), as well as many other bird and hummingbird species.

For full information on the workshop please click this link PHOTO WORKSHOP.

Price $1900, double occupancy. ($500 deposit. Price increases to $2100 if deposit is made after July 5, 2016. Single occupancy, add $255. Non-photographing partner, $950.) Limit 8 participants.

Includes Three nights of lodging; classroom and field instruction; entrance fees; all breakfasts, and two dinners. Transportation not included.

Contact Dave and Kristin for more information using the contact link above or call.

Download the reservation form to sign up.



Area Events back to top

For more detailed information about history tours, special events, stage/arts events, and festivals please click the following links for:

Southwest Wings Birding Festival - August 3, 4, 5 & 6, 2016
Events in Bisbee, AZ
Events in Sierra Vista, AZ
Huachuca Art Association: Art in the Park - First Weekend in October annually; plus First Sunday Artist Receptions in the SV Mall Gallery monthly 3 - 5 p.m.; and Artist Potluck on the Second Saturday at the Astro Gallery in Hereford (4-6 p.m.)
Huachuca Audubon Events and Walks

And, The Nature Conservancy in Ramsey Canyon offers nature walks back to top

Nature Walks Visitors from all over the world come to see the more than 170 species of birds found in the preserve and surrounding national forest. Southwestern specialties such as painted redstarts and magnificent hummingbirds share the canyon with many other animals, including black bears, Chiricahua leopard frogs and dozens of species of butterflies. The canyon is also home to more than 400 species of plants, from tiny mosses to towering firs.

Guided walks are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 a.m. from March 1 to the end of October.

The reserve is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Hummingbird near Casa de San Pedro
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