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Nov 21-22, 2014: Ducks/Not Ducks:

This workshop is geared for beginning and intermediate birders to help distinguish among the many “floaties” that populate ponds, lakes and rivers throughout Southern Arizona in the winter. What makes a duck a duck, beyond that it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and walks like a duck? What about grebes, cormorants and gallinules? Why aren’t they ducks? We’ll discuss the obvious and not-so-obvious visible differences, as well as differences in behavior and diet.
Morning walk: We’ll carpool to Whitewater Draw, about an hour away where we should see many of the waterfowl we discussed the night before, plus sandhill cranes and a variety of songbirds and possibly owls. We’ll finish the program at a restaurant in Bisbee for lunch, go over what we’ve seen and answer questions.

Early bird bonus, Fri, Nov 21: watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 4:30-5:15pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.

Leave the program with a short handout about Ducks/Not Ducks and a new appreciation for commonly overlooked waterfowl.