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Birding 101/102 Seminar with Kathe Anderson

January 16, 17, 18, 2015: Birding 101 and 102: This back-to-back program is a great introduction to jumpstart your new birding hobby, or brush up on birding interests that may have been interrupted by your career or family responsibilities.

Friday evening January 16 -, Birding 101 concentrates on the visual perception of birds, beginning with basic bird body parts. We’ll also discuss binoculars, what to consider when shopping, and how to use them—including finding the birds in the view and how to focus. Field guides, apps and websites can be important tools for bird identification. We’ll consider their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we’ll talk about what makes a successful birding outing.

    • Early bird bonus, first evening: watch the feeders with Kathe Anderson from 4:30-5:15pm to identify and discuss the birds that stop by.

Saturday, January 17, Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours, concentrating on birds right at Casa de San Pedro and polishing binocular and visual identification skills. Wrap up back at the Casa to review the list of birds we’ve seen and answer questions.
Saturday January 17, Evening: Birding 102 expands bird identification with a more holistic approach by including calls, songs and behaviors, as well as diet—and how birds’ bills are specialized for their diets. This interactive program helps imbed new concepts with a low-key and fun hands-on activity, Qs & As, and time to share personal observations about bird behavior.
Sunday, January 18 - Morning walk: Approximately 2 hours, exploring the San Pedro River near the Casa, with continuing emphasis visual identification, but with attention to other aspects, as discussed in class. Wrap up back at the Casa to review the list of birds we’ve seen and answer questions.
Leave the program with handouts that help you remember what we’ve covered, resources for additional information, some insight into often overlooked aspects of birding identification, and new bird stories.

Cost fo rhe program: $25 per person, minimum 2 night stay at the Casa required.