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2013 Blog Entries:

January 2014 Nature Tour: Tinidad and Tobago !

  • Trinidad

Join Casa de San Pedro hosts Karl and Patrick for a January 2014 tour to Trinidad and Tobago - featuring the Asa Wright Nature Center, plus time to relax on the beach in Tobago.  Click on the PDF below for all the details.  UPDATE: As of Sept 17: Bookings for this trip close soon - make your reservations as soon as possible! Click on the Download PDF Link below to see the trip itinerary.

SE Arizona In the Autumn - Terrific !

  • sandhill-crane

Fall weather in SE Arizona is just spectacular - Blue Skies, Mild Days, Comfortably Cool Nights - and so many things to do and see.  Sandhill Cranes arrive from Nebraska, Alaska and Siberia - Waterfowl also arrive for their overwintering "holiday".  The trees on the mountains start to turn colors by mid October, and the trees along the San Pedro River get all deked out for Fall by mid-November.  And Bisbee, Sierra Vista, and Tombstone all have back to back festivals - expect to be entertained with great food, beverages and music almost every weekend.  The Arizona Wine-Country is all around us from Wilcox to Sonoita - so stops ar local wineries are also delightful.  Whether you want hiking adventures in great weather, bird watching as the migratory change-over takes place, or just the warm hospitality of SE Arizona - this is a great time of year to visit.  Perfect in every dimension.

September - Hawks are Kettling and Moving South

  • swainsons_hawk_lucky_hammock_fl_20100226_01

For the past several days we have seen large "Kettles" of Swainsons Hawks, Buzzards, and Red Tails floating on the thermals in large ascending circles - with perhaps 70 or so birds winging thier way slowly South.  The hummingbirds are still flocking to our feeders and they also gear up for their trip southbound.  The reverse migration seems not as frantic as the Spring one when the birds are eager to get to their Summer breeding grounds.  The more relaxed pace of the Fall migration fits our mood - calmer sunny gentle days with soft breezes and just a hint of the coming cooler weather.  A great time to 'kettle' around the Casa and enjoy life. Sept 24, 2013

August and September Wildflowers !

  • wildflowers

Do you love Wildflowers? One of our local guides took some of our guests up Carr Canyon to the top -- and her observation was that all of the wildflowers were about a week from bursting forth in bloom. So if you love the mountains blanketed in wildflowers, this is the time to come! No wonder all of our hummingbirds wait until August to come back! You should too!  August and September are great for Wildflowers and the birds that love them: Hummingbirds!

Cool Summer Savings

  • vesp[1]

Cool Summer Savings: One of the most amazing things about Southeast Arizona is that our weather is NOT what you would expect it to be in the Summer. Most people think that Arizona must be miserably hot in the Summer, and that the southern end of the State must be even hotter. Wrong.

Our 4250' elevation affords us cool nights and nice breezes during the days - and we are about 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix (now THEY are HOT, and WE are NOT), and about 10 degrees cooler than Tucson. Our overnight lows are almost always in the 60s (or low 70s at least) and our daytime highs only reach the 100 on the hottest of days, mostly averaging in the mid 90s. So southern Arizona is often cooler than many parts of the US - and remember we have a dry heat with very low humidity. The net effect: Great comfortable weather - a refreshing change.

AND to celebrate our great weather we invite you to try us out and SAVE : From June 1 to July 20 save $20 per night off our regular rates! Once you experience the comfort of the Casa and the great weather we enjoy - we are sure you will come back often to "get out of the heat!"

Birding Adventures at Casa de San Pedro

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The Birds Are Here!  (April 30, 2013)

Wow - what a GREAT Spring Migration. So many birds, so many types of birds - even a Lewis's Woodpecker staying around, Rose Breasted and Black-headed Grosbeaks, Swainson's and Gray Hawks, and Hummingbirds (Black-chinned, Magnificent, Costas, Calliope, Broad Billed, Broad Tailed, Rufous, Anna's and Violet Crowned), even some early baby Gambel's Quail chicks. And soooo many warblers! The early morning River Walks with the Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory have been a festival of colorful birds - with about a new bird per minute for the two hour walk. And Hummingbird banding on Fridays have been very productive - many birds and many helpers to view and participate in the events. Our Summer birds are arriving as well - so there are many colorful tanagers, orioles, thrashers. And the nighthawks are back along with the bats for evening entertainment as well. Great sunny weather (not too hot !) is also a blessing !

And don't forget to sign up for Monday and Thursday Mexican Dinners - just call us !   And sign up for the Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory River Walks that start at the Casa's back gate on Tuesday and Friday mornings - sign up at - Casa guests get a $5 discount - just enter "bedandbirds" as your discount code when you register for your River Walk on the SABO website.

And SABO also is doing Hummingbird banding in our back yard every Friday afternoon through May (4-6 pm).

Come to SE Arizona, enjoy a relaxing stay at the Casa, and join the fun !

Valentines Dinner

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Romantic Vanentines Dinner - Feb 16

!Join Casa de San Pedro for a Romantic Valentine's Dinner featuring our Swiss/French chef, Gratien Torrione.

The menu features:

Appetizer: Dill Marinated Salmon with Gravlax sauce,
Salad: Heart Shaped Beets in Red Wine Vinaigrette with French Baguette Toast
Main Course:
Roasted Pork Loin topped with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Served with French Beans and Shallots
Accompanied with Pommes Fondantes
Dessert: Chocolate Napoleon finished with a Candied Orange Peel and Pomegranate Syrup.