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2010 Blog Entries


As winter moves into northern climes, the birds come to Arizona (just like our other “snowbirds” do). The Sandhill Cranes have now returned to Whitewater Draw, along with many waterfowl. Field birds have joined us for the winter. And an amazing array of raptors are soaring through the Sky Islands and Valleys of southeast Arizona. Join them for a getaway from your winter – enjoy sunshine, great birdwatching, and the warm and welcoming hospitality of Casa de San Pedro. 90 miles southeast of Tucson, but only inches from heaven. Call now for reservations: toll free (888) 267-2050!


Arizona Highways (August 2010) sagely lists Casa de San Pedro as one of their Best of Arizona: 50 Favorite Things. “Best Reason to Fly South – Birds. If you like them, you’ll love Casa de San Pedro, nestled on 10 acres adjacent to the San Pedro River and Riparian National Conservation Area, and within a short distance of 15 other popular birding areas, including Ramsey Canyon, Kino Springs, and Patagonia Preserve. When it comes to actual accommodations, Casa de San Pedro is anything but “for the birds”. Each of the 10 guest rooms features a private bath, tasteful Southwestern decor and works by local artists, and patios accented with hummingbird friendly plants. Information: 520 366-1300 or


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Fall Migration (August – October) – Join us as the Birds of Summer begin their Southbound migration through SE Arizona !

Now that this year’s crop of hatchlings have fledged and are warming up their wings for a long trek Southbound for the Winter – they are beginning to show up in SE Arizona for a stopover to rest and refuel. Our late Summer Monsoon rains have given rise to grasses, wildflowers and a few field bugs *(yum! if you are a bird…) – so the food is plentiful for all those migrating birds, bats, and butterflies. This is a great time for you to join them to enjoy their annual flights South, and to join them in enjoying the “second Spring” in SE Arizona. Actually we think of this time of year as our only Springtime – this is when everything turns green and blooms! And if you are shy about thinking that SE Arizona could not possibly be habitable in August – think again. The heat of our HOT months of May and June is long gone, our daytime temperatures are now peaking below 90 degrees, and the evenings are in the 60s – perfect weather for a perfectly enjoyable visit ! Book on-line at!


Join one of the variety of tours and learning experiences led by Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO). These educational programs, offered for the discriminating nature enthusiast, combine outstanding southwestern hospitality with some of the most exciting and diverse birding in North America. Please request a reservation to participate in a SABO workshop when making your Casa reservation.

Summer and Spring bring out the best in the sky islands region of southeastern Arizona. Wildflowers in an astounding variety of shapes and colors attract equally diverse pollinators – hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, even bats. Participants will stroll along the San Pedro River and hike the canyons of the neighboring Huachuca Mountains in search of up to 13 species of hummingbirds, 100+ species of butterflies and dozens of species of wildflowers. Remember, our Spring really occurs in August when the Summer monsoon rains bring green to the valley and water to the San Pedro River (in abundance!). Our “spring flowers” with all the butterflies are available in August (temperatures in the mid-80s during the day and dipping into the low 60s at night – who knew you could come to Arizona and even survive in August!!


Casa de San Pedro has central courtyard with fountain and flowers (and birds and butterflies!). All Guest Rooms surround the courtyard and feature hand carved Mexican furniture, each with a private bath, and each offers either a king size bed or two double beds. Each room is entered from a covered patio where guests can relax in an authentic Mexican patio set and enjoy the fountain and the vegetation that has been selected to attract hummingbirds into the courtyard. All rooms are air conditioned with individual controls for your personal comfort. Every room has a telephone for your convenience, and high speed internet access is also available via WiFi or with the guest computer (and printer) in the Great Room.

Fragrant shade grown coffees and herbal teas greet you each morning in our Dining Room, where you will be served a full gourmet breakfast, with fresh baked goods, Casa entrées, fruit, juice, and coffee or tea. (We will be happy to accommodate your special dietary requirements. Please let us know about your needs when you check-in.) The breakfast gathering provides a unique opportunity to meet other guests, get tips on local hikes, where to find the best birding spots or gain information on the area and its rich history. Casa de San Pedro also provides afternoon home baked pies, snacks and assorted beverages.