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Our central location gives you easy access to 16 popular southeast Arizona birding destinations such as Ramsey Canyon, Beatty’s Orchard, Garden Canyon, Patagonia Preserve, San Pedro Riparian Area, Kino Springs and White-water Draw. Elevations of 4250′ on the San Pedro River to 7500 feet in the mountain canyons provide comfortable birding in our high desert environment. A rich variety of sparrows, songbirds, quail, flycatchers, phoebes, towhees, kingbirds and hawks/falcons are available for your study and pleasure. See below for more details. Let us arrange for local guides to make your birding experience more productive.

SE Arizona is an eco-crossroad. Habitats and species from the Sierra Madre of Mexico, the Rocky Mountains, and the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts can all be found in this area. The "sky islands", ranges of small uplift mountains run through SE Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.  The unique habitat is home to many different species of birds, mammals and other wildlife.  See more at "The Animals and Nature of SE Arizona".  Come to the Casa and explore the wonderous Nature of SE Arizona.

Excellent birding year-round. Southeast Arizona birding has an incredible variety of birds and four distinct periods:

Winter (Nov - Feb)
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - July)
Fall (Aug - Oct)

Cooperative Southeast Arizona Birding Programs

Join one of the variety of tours and learning experiences led by Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO). These educational programs, offered for the discriminating nature enthusiast, combine outstanding southwestern hospitality with some of the most exciting and diverse birding in North America. SABO handles their own reservations for bird tours. Please see their website for their calendar of events and to sign up for the tour or walk of your choice.

Summer and Spring bring out the best in the sky islands region of southeastern Arizona. Wildflowers in an astounding variety of shapes and colors attract equally diverse pollinators – hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, even bats. Participants will stroll along the San Pedro River and hike the canyons of the neighboring Huachuca Mountains in search of up to 13 species of hummingbirds, 100+ species of butterflies and dozens of species of wildflowers. Remember, our Spring really occurs in August when the Summer monsoon rains bring green to the valley and water to the San Pedro River (in abundance!). Our “spring flowers” with all the butterflies are available in August (temperatures in the mid-80s during the day and dipping into the low 60s at night – who knew you could come to Arizona and even survive in August!!

Summer and Fall Migration Birding!

Summer and Fall Migration (June - early October) Birding in SE Arizona is very productive as many species come jut this far North from Mexicao and Central America to set u p housekeeping, have their broods of chicks and then linger to enjoy our Monsoon Rains (our "late" Springtime" when everything finally turns green and blooms!).  The Monsoon Rains herald the return of many other birds that went farther north for the Summer, and by August we expeience the best of the annual migrations:  many hummingbirds return to our feeders, brining their young, and lingering for the abundant habitat created by the Monsoon Rains.  We consider the Summer/Monsoon Rain birding to be the best of the year.  Colorful birds from tanagers, bunti8ngs, chats, warblers and an abundance of those tiny jewels: hummingbirds, swarm our feeders.  Wandering around the area  from the San Pedro River to the Huachuca Canyons is easy, and the birding is terriffic.  Join us in our annual flight of fantaxy!.

Our friends Tom Woods and Sheri Williamson of the Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory ( will be conducting  humingbird banding most Fridays through July and August.  Join them to learn more about the hummingbirds and get to hold one in the palm of your hand!.

Be sure to check the Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory website: for thier calendar of events and to sign up for their tours and other events..

For more information, contact SABO.

Resident Bird Species in the Area

Green Heron, Green Kingfisher, Belted Kingfisher, Mexican Duck, Black Vulture, White-tailed Kite
Quail: Montezuma, Scaled, Gambel’s
Common Moorhen, Inca Dove, White Winged Dove, Mourning Dove, Greater Roadrunner.
Owls: Western Screech, Whiskered Screech, Burrowing, Mexican Spotted, Great-horned, Barn
Hummingbirds: Blue-throated, Magnificent, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-tailed, Violet-crowned
Woodpeckers: Acorn, Gila, Strickland’s, Gilded, Lewis’s
Phoebes: Black, Say’s
Jays/Ravens: Steller’s, Mexican, and the Chihuauan Raven
Thrashers: Curved Bill, Bendires, Crissal
Silky Flycatchers: Phainopepla
Sparrows: Rufus-winged, Five Striped, Lark, White-crowned, House
Mexican Chickadee, Bridled Titmouse, Verdin, Black-throated Gray Warbler
Pyrrhuloxia Yellow-eyed Junco
Towhees: Spotted, Canyon, Aberts, Green Tailed
Wrens: Cactus, Rock, Canyon , Bewick’s Wren