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Bird Guides in SE Arizona:

We are fortunate to have many excellent bird guides in the area who can assist you with bird tours for groups or individuals, for a week-long itinerary or a day, or even a part day, or an evening Owl Prowl.  The tour companies listed below also provide birding and nature tours to the best birding in the World, the US, South America, and even Hereford, AZ !

We highly recommend each of the following guides and tour companies:

  • Sheri Williamson and Tom Wood, Southeast Arizona Bird Observatory*, Bisbee AZ., (520) 432-1388,
  • Ted Mouras, Hereford AZ, (520) 803-0221,
  • Tony Battiste, Hereford AZ  (520) 803-6908
  • High Lonesome Bird Tours*, Forest Davis, Sierra Vista AZ,, 
  • Wezil Walraven, NEW! Moving Back to Hereford AZ in July 2014!  Tel: 520 366-6722 -,
  • Peg Abbott, Naturalist Journeys*, Portal AZ,(520)558-1146,,  Going to Portal AZ?  - just ask Peg about the many bird guides available in Portal/Cave Creek, she can help you locate a great guide for the Chirachauas and Portal.
  • Sandy Anderson, Gray Hawk Nature Center, Sierra Vista AZ (520) 226-8410,, (best way to reach her), or 520 458-0542.. 
  • Melody Kehl, WINGS*, Tucson AZ ( (520),,
  • Bob Behrstock, Hereford AZ (520 378-3262,,
  • Mark Pretti, Mark Pretti Nature Tours* Hereford AZ, (520) 803-6889,,
  • Wings Bird Tours*: Great Guides like Jon Dunn, Rich Hoyer, Will Russell, Jake Mohlman, Matt Brooks  - (Tucson based) 502 320-9868 or 866 547-9868 -,
  • And Introducing Kathe Anderson (, 480 951-4890 )who will be joining Casa de San Pedro for several workshops in coming months:  Ducks/Not Ducks in November, Birding 101/102 in January, and Birding 103 in late February.  Plus more fun birding workshops in the future.
    • As a volunteer, Kathe has led over a hundred Bird Walks for the Boyer Thompson Arboretum, Hassyampa River Preserve, Glilbert Water Ranch and various Audubon societies.  As a professional guide she has led as many walks for clients from several states to a variety of sites in Arizona, New Mexico, and California.  She has also developed and taught a series of interactive birding classes designed for beginners and intermediate birders to hone their observation and identification skills.  Some of the classes Kathe had developed (and some of which she will be presenting at the Casa in future months):
    • Birding 101—books, binoculars, the basics
    • Birding 102—calls and behaviors
    • Birding 103—families and habitats
    • Birding by Ear
    • Beyond Color and Shape
    • Hummingbirds
    • Birding journaling
    • Woodpeckers and wrens 
    • Migration  
    • Flycatchers  
    • Eggs and nests 
    • Ducks/Not ducks 
    • Feathers and fluff
    • Desert Dozen  
    • Backyard Birding
    • Raptor ID 

* Indicates Tour Companies that Feature SE Arizona and other great birding locations.

Please note that non-US citizens must make special arrangements in advance to enter the Fort Huachuca military facility. An escort withmilitary clearance is required and may be arranged through the Sierra Vista Convention & Visitors Bureau.